DJ Unity – DeJane / DJ

I’m a Producer/ Air Personality on that airs my show „Organic Soul“ Live every Sunday.

I’m also looking for up & coming artist, comedians, dancers, and poets that are trying to be heard. It doesn’t matter where you are near or far, we can do this!! That’s what UnityMusik is all about. Advertising on the Internet is the single most influential way of meeting the masses. Unitymusik Productions can suit all of your business needs regarding your musik; Independent record labels, whatever the case may be. Be known, be heard, get your Info out to the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. This is the way that it works, Organic Soul airs on the World Wide Web every Sunday from 2pm to 3pm, on where I play only the best in today and yesterdays; R&B, Hip Hop, and Jazz!

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