DJ Conscience R.E.D Radio Show

DJ CONSCIENCE of R.E.D.SOUL ENTERTAINMENT, Harlem, NYC- formally known as “DJ Soulfinga” originated during his years of attending Jackson State University in Mississippi. From 1993-1998 he pioneered his first DJ company THIRD-EYE Entertainment which consisted of four other DJ’s – DJ Phingaprint, DJ BDub, DJ Jay Clipp, and DJ Cuzzin B (group later branching off and forming POINTBLANK Entertainment ).

The focus and pledge back in those days was to expose the masses to the true meaning of Hip Hop and the underground elements of music. And that they did. After leaving JSU, Conscience continued his mission up the east coast from Virginia Beach to Washington DC to now New York City and expanding his focus into what is now called R.E.D.SOUL ENTERTAINMENT.

Though the Hip Hop elements remain, R.E.D.SOUL has become a valid tastemaker which caters to promoting some of the hottest independent soul music acts today. DJ Conscience can be credited with his specific works to promote soul icons Yahzara

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