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The tug of war between establishment and upstart forces foreshadows a reorganization of the left that could reshape the Democratic Party’s ideology.

The Weinstein Company’s board announced Mr. Weinstein’s firing on Sunday, days after The New York Times reported on decades of harassment allegations.

On “Weekend Update,” Colin Jost and Michael Che took on gun rights.

The Las Vegas gunman was a savvy businessman and an absentee neighbor who lived on his own terms, according to people who knew him.

Ms. Bloom had been counseling the Hollywood mogul, who faces sexual harassment allegations, but was rebuked by at least two board members, including his brother, Bob Weinstein.

“It has completely overwhelmed us,” Dr. Thomas A. Andrew said of the opioid crisis. His new ambition: minister to the living about the dangers of drugs.

“Contraception is anti-baby,” says the American Life League. O.K., not a sentiment most Americans share.

President Trump’s aides, who once debated a scorched-earth strategy, hope the special counsel on Russia will give the president the public exoneration he has long sought.

With a wink and a smile, the president made ominous comments before a dinner with military leaders, but repeatedly refused to explain what he meant.

New rules vastly expand religious exemptions from an Obama-era requirement for employers to include birth control coverage in their health insurance plans.

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