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Now, scientists await confirmation that the visit succeeded, and a bounty of new data about a small, mysterious icy body four billion miles from Earth.

The president had ordered that the 2,000 American troops in the country leave within 30 days, but said on Monday that they would be “slowly” drawn down.

Democrats are in a moment of transition, grappling with what they stand for and what their voters expect. Hardly any of their likely candidates for 2020 qualifies as an instant front-runner.

The spending measures are expected to pass the House, but there is no guarantee the shutdown will soon end given the Senate is still firmly controlled by Republicans.

‚This shit is deep‘

Films like ‚Dumplin“ brought positive plus-sized experiences to the forefront

His newest LP > his last LP, on the charts anyway

„At times, people count you out, and you can just come back bigger than ever.“

The incident between Johnson and Maloney falls within a history of how Black people have been treated in America.

One of the nation’s top cancer hospitals has grappled with how to bring breakthrough treatments to market while remaining true to its mission.

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