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During discussions in Riyadh in 2017, Saudi intelligence officials discussed hiring private companies to kill the head of Iran’s Quds force and other Iranian operatives.

By all accounts, the two women have a complicated dynamic. They have rarely appeared together. And they clearly see their roles differently.

House Democrats, newly in the majority, must figure out how to put forward their own agenda even as they deal with the provocations of President Trump.

The races for Senate and governor may head to a recount or a runoff.

Kyrsten Sinema has pulled to a lead in the Arizona Senate race, but days of ballot-counting remain.

Mr. Rohrabacher, who had represented Orange County for 15 terms, was viewed as vulnerable because of his advocacy of President Vladimir Putin of Russia.

People posted on social media asking for information about missing friends and relatives, an effort that was helped by the actor James Woods.

Photographers documented the wildfires ravaging California — along the palm-fringed shoreline near Los Angeles and the evergreen forests of the Sierra Nevada foothills.

Fast-moving blazes spread on both ends of California, destroying thousands of structures and killing several people.

The vote tallies in at least three statewide races fell within a margin of half a percentage point, the legal trigger for required recounts.

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