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A NASA satellite captured the intense rainfall of 2018’s strongest storm so far.

Residents of the Carolinas will face the arduous task of cleaning up, repairing and rebuilding. Here’s how to help.

Amid the suffering, there was also relief that the storm’s damage was not much worse, at least according to the initial assessments.

Nonprofits have mobilized to help those affected by Typhoon Mangkhut, which has pummeled the Philippines.

An improvised network of volunteers has sprung up to locate and rescue people who did not evacuate for Tropical Storm Florence.

Even opponents of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh said they did not anticipate that a decades-old assault claim would move to the forefront unless the accuser agreed to cooperate.

Fierce rains were likely to produce “catastrophic flash flooding and prolonged significant river flooding,” the National Hurricane Center said.

Officials say that the president has soured on his defense secretary, and that Mr. Mattis is increasingly weary of capricious demands from his boss.

To evade taxes, many shell companies are headed by “nominee directors” who can be homeless people or even victims of identity theft.

New evidence laid out by the special counsel exposed the sometimes surreptitious ways in which foreign interests try to buy influence.

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