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Emergency workers are sifting through the ashes in a Northern California town struck by the most destructive wildfire in modern Californian history.

She clearly didn’t give them the green light


‚I never thought I could love something so hard‘

‚Yeeeeeee baby’s first number one‘

With great power comes great responsibility, and nobody understood that better than Lee

Questions swirl around the vote tally in Florida, where Gov. Rick Scott has filed lawsuits over the handling of ballots, alleging fraud. The truth is more complicated.

The infernos raging at both ends of California have created a double nightmare for residents. Many who fled fires found themselves stuck on traffic-clogged roads. Some died in their cars.

Veterans of presidential campaigns offer reporters options for dealing with a president who loves making them part of the show.

Three raging wildfires have displaced hundreds of thousands of people and destroyed thousands of homes. Here are some charities that are helping victims.

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