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As the authorities searched for clues, those who knew Akayed Ullah described the trappings of an ordinary immigrant life in Brooklyn.

Today’s special election is forcing pollsters to confront just about every major challenge in survey research.

Four people were injured in an explosion in the passageway connecting the Times Square and Port Authority subway stations. A suspect is in custody.

Two of Manhattan’s busiest subway stations were evacuated after an explosion. The Police Department said it was investigating.

After a man in a homemade suicide vest blew himself up near Times Square, New Yorkers kept their fears at bay and the subway turnstiles spinning.

Of all possible terrorist threats in New York, few frightened counterterrorism officials as much as a suicide bomber in one of the world’s busiest transit hubs.

The bomb, constructed by stuffing match heads into a narrow length of pipe, failed to blast apart and turn into shrapnel.

Senator Richard C. Shelby, a fixture of Republican politics in Alabama for a generation, sent a clear message to his state’s voters with an appearance on national television.

An analysis of enforcement data at the E.P.A. shows a substantial drop in activity against polluters when compared to the Obama and Bush administrations.

The comments by Ms. Haley, the United Nations ambassador, were a break from the administration’s assertions that the allegations have no merit and should be dismissed.

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