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There were conflicting reports on Tuesday on whether Mira Ricardel, a deputy national security adviser, had been fired.

Kevin McCarthy, the No. 2 Republican in the House, looks to be on the verge of rising to No. 1, despite his party’s drubbing last week that keeps the speakership from his grasp.

In the Northern California town of Paradise, specialists are scouring burned homes for the scores of people still unaccounted for.

Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joined activists in a protest in Representative Nancy Pelosi’s office, putting leaders on notice that the new House may be divided.

The enclaves of the rich and famous who live west of Los Angeles have not been spared by the out-of-control fires.

When Amazon said it would split its new headquarters between Queens, New York and National Landing, Va., the name began trending on Twitter. Residents did not appear to be impressed.

What seemed like a mixed result for Republicans has turned more grim as Democrats continue to pick up seats in the House and statewide gains come into focus.

Amazon finally gave some answers about the details of the plan for it to open a hub in Long Island City, including tax subsidies and other benefits.

The company said it would start giant expansions in Long Island City in Queens and Crystal City in Arlington, Va.

And Jyn Erso, too!

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