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The president aims to peel back labor protections and curb the power of government unions, which assailed the actions.

Foreign journalists were given access to the facility in Punggye-ri, and witnessed the destruction of tunnel entrances and buildings. But was the site completely destroyed?

The meeting, which took place 11 days before the inauguration, preceded a $1 million contract Mr. Cohen received from a firm tied to the Russian oligarch.

The challenges in prosecuting, and defending, a sex crimes case aimed at a once-powerful target with high priced lawyers

Mr. Weinstein will be arraigned on charges of first-degree rape and third-degree rape in one case, and first-degree criminal sex act in another, officials said.

A day after canceling his meeting with Kim Jong-un, President Trump said his administration was back in touch with North Korea and may go ahead with the June 12 get-together.

Facebook and Google took steps to prevent foreign online influence in Ireland’s abortion referendum on Friday. Here’s how those efforts are working out.

The presence of Emmet T. Flood, a lawyer representing the president in the Russia investigation, and John F. Kelly, the chief of staff, at the start of the classified meetings infuriated Democrats.

Women are expected to vote in greater numbers in Friday’s referendum. But turnout among male Irish voters — who tend to consider abortion a women’s issue — may be critical.

The president had sought to deal with Kim Jong-un the same way he had handled real estate negotiations — with threats and flattery. It didn’t work.

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