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With at least 270 people dead, suspicion fell on the Shabab, a militant group that has been losing ground but, it now appears, perhaps not strength.

In an unusual move, the attorney general has sent a federal hate crimes lawyer to Iowa to help prosecute a man charged with murdering a transgender high school student.

Latest sequel: men preying on vulnerable young women, a vile saga a century in the making.

The Arizona senator is in political peril as the 2018 election approaches, but he says he has no regrets in taking on President Trump.

The discovery of the Arabic characters in boat graves has raised questions about the influence of Islam in Scandinavia.

In an interview with the BBC, Mr. Allen expressed sympathy for “the poor women that were involved” but also called the situation “sad for Harvey.”

I loved acting. But I didn’t realize what it was to be taken seriously until I began directing.

When the couple met 12 years ago, he didn’t mention his royal background. And she wasn’t necessarily looking to meet her future husband.

As stories emerged of how people died in the wind-driven fires that have ravaged Northern California, the element common to each tragedy was how quickly it happened.

In an emergency session brought about by the recent public accusations, the board voted to remove the mogul whose studios won more than 80 Oscars.

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