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Jeff Probst shares intel on what happens to people after they get voted out

Meet the 18 contestants vying for the million dollars on ‚Survivor‘ for its 38th season in this full cast gallery, complete with bio info and intel on each of the players.

Emmy Rossum will be gone, but another Gallagher is back in the fold.

Fans of ‚The Big Bang Theory‘ are everywhere.

Two-time Oscar-nominated cinematographer Matthew Libatique tells EW how he fostered Lady Gaga’s vulnerability as she transformed from rock star to ingenue.

The story of the Tanner family is coming to an end — again!

Another series from TV’s yesteryear could be making a comeback on broadcast — and it’s from the bottomless auspices of Dick Wolf.

Jia Zhangke tells EW how he crafted his Cannes-debuting romance with inspiration from his past works and keen attention to evolving Chinese society.

Bell brings a real, messy humanity to Brittany that comedies hardly ever allow a lead character — let alone a non-impossibly-bodied female — to have.

The line between pulp drama and pure camp isn’t so much blurred as it is blithely stomped all over.

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