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From ‚Haunting of Hill House‘ to ‚Jane the Virgin,‘ these are the TV moments that made us gasp this year.

The Top 8 state their case for a spot in the finals.

Showrunner Phil Klemmer explains why the writers had to rethink their season-long mythology and big bad.

The team broke time and reality, and John Constantine (Matt Ryan) is the only guy who can fix it.

Jax, Brittany and the gang celebrate their engagement and gay rights!

Here’s how the crossover affected Oliver and Felicity’s arc.

The Trinity travels to Gotham City as Teams Arrow and Flash deal with the mysterious red skies and lightning.

J.Lo posed with her ‚Second Act‘ costars in L.A.

The crew member was struck by a car while working on location.

Gina Rodriguez will voice the title character in the new series, out Jan. 18.

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