A Russian spy may be exactly what Jane needs to find Shepherd and turn against the FBI.

From London to L.A., your favorite stars were busy hitting red carpets and other cool events this week.

The Titans‘ world expands with an introduction to new heroes and new villains alike.

The actors talk about working together to capture a disintegrating marriage, the camaraderie they developed on set, and more.

The Haddonfield resident remained taciturn during interrogation.

Here’s what you DIDN’T see in the breakthrough segment of the animated comedy.

„There’s Easter eggs all through this damn movie, which is super fun,“ says David Gordon Green.

Erik Oleson explains how the almost 12-minute came together, and what he strives for in these action sequences.

The pair has posted footage of them attempting to prank younger cast members.

Fans can expect to see Matthew Broderick make his debut on ‚The Conners‘ in the Halloween episode airing Oct. 30 at 8 p.m. ET.

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