EW chats with RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 4’s first eliminated queen, who says she wants the eventual winner to bring ‚our community back together.‘

The actor revealed the hilarious gaffe that most likely ended his working relationship with the director.

Thanks to inescapable hits like „Pour Some Sugar on Me“ and „Rock of Ages,“ the ’80s-spawned rockers finally made it into the Rock Hall — and they’re even happier for their fans who voted for them.

DC Comics reportedly sent a cancellation notice to retailers Friday.

Dick and Donna learn the truth about Kory, while Angela pushes Rachel closer to the darkness.

Lebanese director Nadine Labaki’s film has an unflinching naturalism.

‚It really lends itself to color,‘ Reiner says of the classic program.

EW Radio’s Superhero Insider delves into this week’s Arrowverse shows, breaks down the crossover, and speaks to ‚Marvel’s Runaways‘ star Ariela Barer.

„We are all still playing in his imagination,“ says Jake Johnson, who voices the latest iteration of Peter Parker.

Can a big yellow insect save a broken franchise?

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