Yes, Mitch and Cam are Harry and Meghan.

The cast announced the final season in an emotional video.

The singer made her first public appearance since splitting with ‚SNL‘ star Pete Davidson on Tuesday night.

The History channel epic returns Nov. 28 with the second half of season 5.

The Upshot has partnered with Siena College to poll dozens of the most competitive House and Senate races across the country.

In the tightest House races, Democrats have raised three times as much money from small donors as Republicans.

In Missouri, where Democrats’ fortunes have been dwindling for years, party members are trying to figure out how to win back voters.

Democrats outraised their Republican opponents in 32 of the closest 45 House races, $154 million to $108 million, according to Federal Election Commission reports.

President Trump has a history of attacking women by mocking their bodily functions, demeaning their looks or comparing them to animals.

Mr. Cruz, the Texas Republican senator, will try to use the face-off to widen his lead in the polls, while Mr. O’Rourke, the Democratic congressman challenging him, is hoping to recapture momentum.

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