Activists have mustered seven-figure war chests and troops on the ground, but little energy to stop Judge Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation has materialized.

Both presidents have had trouble turning better times into higher approval ratings. But this time the challenge is in the hands of a salesman.

Tim Lee, an obscure economist in Connecticut, predicted that Turkey’s currency would collapse. Now, he foresees a broader financial crisis.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and Alaska Airlines said they believed that no passengers were on board when the plane was taken.

James Currie took a bus and a train with his son in a backpack — probably already dead — before throwing him into the East River, prosecutors said.

It is an idea that took root among the Democratic Party’s far left. Now, Republicans are seizing on calls to abolish ICE.

The view of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee about the separation of powers may please Mr. Trump. But Democrats will want to ask more questions about his views.

Twenty months after the president-elect reached a deal to keep blue-collar jobs from leaving the country, absenteeism plagues the Indiana plant.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, in her most dramatic move to deregulate for-profit colleges, announced she will end a rule to force them to prove the gainful employment of their graduates.

Using bipartisanship and avoiding liberal tendencies, conservative governors in states like Maryland and Massachusetts may survive a blue wave in the midterms.

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