A prison sentence is a breathtaking fall for Mr. Cohen, President Trump’s former lawyer and fixer.

The agency that oversees Voice of America and other government broadcasting has endured a series of recent scandals. Soon, a Trump appointee will take over.

A planned stretch of wall in Texas may be the first to be built under President Trump. It’s likely to be opposed by landowners, including a wildlife refuge — and possibly SpaceX.

Mrs. May had offered herself as a pair of “safe hands” in negotiating Brexit. But she survived a confidence vote only after promising to eventually step down.

The deal was a major step for prosecutors building a case that payouts to two women before the 2016 election violated campaign finance laws.

A party vote left her in power, but her government’s plans on how to leave the European Union were left in disarray.

The agreement would most likely seal the votes Nancy Pelosi needs for the House gavel but limiting the power of her team.

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The sentencing, at 11 a.m. in Manhattan, will cap a startling fall for Mr. Cohen, who is a central figure in the payments to a porn star and a former Playboy model.

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