David Quammen has written a sprawling history of evolutionary genetics, “The Tangled Tree,” that complicates familiar notions of how species evolved.

In a blog post, Mr. Musk, the electric carmaker’s chief executive, offered his fullest explanation yet for what he said were the circumstances behind a message that took Wall Street by surprise.

Investors have expressed concern that a worsening economic crisis in the country could spill over into other markets and regions.

Turkish banks’ ability to swap liras for foreign currencies was curbed. The lira has been dropping since President Trump said he would raise tariffs on Turkish imports.

The former Trump campaign chairman’s trial has ripped away the facade of a man who worked for the campaign for free, intimating he was too rich to need the money.

The recording, played on “Meet the Press,” revealed the White House chief of staff suggesting that she could face damage to her reputation if she did not leave quietly.

The president’s comments on Lisa Page and Nellie Ohr made clear his disdain for the two women, who have connections to the Russia inquiry.

Democrats hope to swing back in their favor a state that played an unexpectedly pivotal role in President Trump’s victory. But it may be too late.

Thousands of counterprotesters are poised to oppose the supremacists’ message a year after the Charlottesville violence, and hundreds of police officers are deployed to keep the peace.

President Vladimir V. Putin has nimbly exploited differences between Washington and its allies, but he has yet to translate that into fewer sanctions against Russia.

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