The Senate Veterans Affairs Committee is examining multiple claims against President Trump’s nominee to head the Veterans Affairs Department.

Crisscrossing the nation, the embattled attorney general praises the president for supporting law enforcement — most law enforcement, anyway.

Senator James Inhofe, who has long championed Mr. Pruitt, now says he’d like to see an investigation into the ethical allegations against his protégé.

Alek Minassian, 25, a resident of Toronto’s Richmond Hill suburb, careened the white rental van onto a sidewalk, killing at least 10 people.

A seven-year veteran of the Toronto police defused a stand-off with the suspect of a van rampage that left 10 dead Monday. Here’s how the suspect’s arrest unfolded.

Constable Ken Lam turned off his siren, calmly ordered the man to get down and placed him under arrest. It was “a great outcome in a horrible situation,” an expert said.

President Trump welcomed President Emmanuel Macron of France to the White House on Tuesday for the first state visit since taking office.

There was a mutual kiss on the cheek in the East Room, clasped hands and the first state dinner of the Trump era.

The first lady’s choice of headgear made quite a statement on the second day of the French state visit.

In what has been described as its largest midterm mobilization ever, the Christian conservative movement is looking past the president’s behavior and toward November.

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