Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader, promises a “free and open debate” on immigration if Democrats will vote to reopen the government.

Tracking every senator’s vote in real-time.

A group of bipartisan lawmakers emerged as the negotiators behind a potential deal to end the gridlock and reopen the government.

After decades of fruitless efforts to overhaul immigration, Democrats simply do not believe Republicans will follow through on the issue.

Democrats struggle with a president who says he wants to compromise but then is reined in by his own staff, while Republican leaders are loath to guess at his intentions.

Óscar Pérez, the policeman who commandeered a helicopter and called on Venezuelans to rise up, spoke with The Times in the days and hours before he was killed.

Turkish forces crossed the Syrian border into Afrin in an assault on Kurdish militias, amid growing international concern. Deaths were reported on both sides of the border.

As more victims read statements about abuse at the hands of Dr. Lawrence G. Nassar, top officials for the federation step down.

For the fifth day, young gymnasts and other athletes spoke about Dr. Nassar’s abuse.

With the closing of plants like a 126-year-old G.E. factory, many in Peterborough, Ontario, scoff at the idea that Nafta benefits only Canada and Mexico.

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