Separately, a suicide bomber detonated explosives inside a classroom in Kabul, leaving at least 48 people dead.

Brett M. Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court could advance efforts to make publicly funded vouchers available to students attending religious schools.

Tim Pawlenty, who had called the president ‘unsound,’ lost a Republican governor’s race in Minnesota, while a Muslim woman and a transgender candidate prevailed elsewhere

Unlike 1994 and its “Contract With America” or 2006 and its “Six for ’06,” this midterm campaign will not feature a centralized message from the party seeking control of the House.

On another night of primaries leading up to November’s midterm elections, Democrats embraced diversity (with some notable exceptions) and Republicans rewarded loyalty to President Trump.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban joins a growing roster of right-wing or euroskeptic leaders in Europe to have secured President Trump’s backing.

A nearly 900-page report investigating abuse in six dioceses over a period of 70 years documents more than 300 abusive priests.

F.B.I. agents found a consistent pattern in the way Roman Catholic Church leaders in Pennsylvania covered up allegations of child sex abuse by priests to avoid scandal.

The grand jury report is the government’s broadest look yet in the United States at child sexual abuse in the church.

Defense lawyers did not present call any witnesses in Paul Manafort’s trial, while prosecutors called nearly two dozen.

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