It takes a lot to get the status of a Diva. Besides a special *charisma,* it also comes with a powerful voice that inspires millions from the first note on. To only have attitudes and a few hits does not *make* (CONSTITUTE) a real diva. In the following we would like to present our *“Top […]

The company, long accustomed to deferential treatment from localities, badly misjudged how it would be received in the city, according to dozens of interviews.

When it comes to congressional end runs, lawmakers warn President Trump that what goes around comes around.

A trial judge had ruled against the Trump administration in January, saying Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’s stated reason for adding the question was not his real one.

New data on women’s uncertainty over motherhood may reshape how doctors and policymakers think about family planning.

On the Catholic, mainly nationalist side of the divide in Northern Ireland, many think an abrupt withdrawal — and a hard border — could lead to reunification.

The president’s decision diverts money from military construction projects, bypassing Congress but triggering a clash over the constitutional balance of power.

“The feeling with Hollywood was mutual. I felt done when they felt done.”

MTV News talks to the Anaheim artist about YouTube comments, sneakers, and new song ‚i still love you‘

Na-na na-na na-na na-no more Batfleck

Perry won’t be the ‚one who got away‘

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