It takes a lot to get the status of a Diva. Besides a special *charisma,* it also comes with a powerful voice that inspires millions from the first note on. To only have attitudes and a few hits does not *make* (CONSTITUTE) a real diva. In the following we would like to present our *“Top […]

The White House cited “erratic” behavior by Mr. Brennan, who has frequently been a fierce critic of the president.

The president lashed out after more than 200 newspapers, including The New York Times, published editorials about the dangers of the Trump administration’s repeated attacks on the news media.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s remark drew immediate criticism from his Republican opponent, Marcus Molinaro, who said the governor owed the nation an apology.

In weighing whether to find Paul Manafort guilty or not of financial fraud charges, jurors will have to take into account evidence, witness credibility and other factors.

Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader, is confronting threats from different corners of her party, posing the most serious test of her 15-year grip on the caucus

Critics said the inclusion of Bruce Ohr on the list of those whose clearances were revoked or under review was an abuse of presidential power and an intrusion on the independence of law enforcement.

Legal barriers, political opposition and fierce lobbying efforts by the Catholic Church have kept Pennsylvania’s courthouse doors closed to childhood victims who came forward later in life.

Catholics around the country said they felt frustrated with the church’s leadership.

An offer to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez highlights how male candidates often use debates to diminish female opponents, perhaps increasingly at their peril.

In closing arguments, the special counsel’s office described Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign chairman, as well versed in financial matters and motivated to commit fraud.

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