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His criticism goes beyond just denouncing the special counsel to describing the people around his former employers as unprincipled schemers, the way the Republicans he once opposed used to do.

Ceaseless infighting and jockeying for influence on the White House’s trade team helped deprive Mr. Trump of a quick victory on his most cherished policy agenda.

The president escalated his campaign to undermine the Justice Department’s traditional independence from White House interference.

“They have now decided that they need to be more proactive, more aggressive and more anticipatory,” says Alan Dershowitz, the Harvard Law School professor emeritus.

John Barnes, a veteran of big-city policing, had been at work in the Santa Fe, Tex., school district for four months when he was shot while confronting a gunman.

Moktada al-Sadr, the upset winner of Iraq’s election, has undergone a reinvention, from a militant Shiite to an anticorruption champion whose “Iraq First” message appeals across religious divides.

Activism after the school shooting in Parkland, Fla., led to the most successful push for gun control in decades in the state. Few expect the same in Texas.

President Nicolás Maduro won a second term as president of Venezuela, a country in the midst of a historic economic collapse. Voter turnout appeared to be extremely low amid calls for a boycott.

Mr. Giuliani sought to make the case that a longer timeline for that aspect of the Russia investigation would hurt Republicans in the midterm elections.

President Trump was surprised and angered by a statement issued by the North’s chief nuclear negotiator, who declared that the country would not swap its nuclear weapons capability for economic aid.

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