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James and Denise Closs, who had worked at the Jennie-O turkey plant for years, were found dead. Their daughter, Jayme, vanished. And a town is on edge.

Some are hearing a line in „Lost in the Fire“ a certain way

You’ll never watch „SpongeBob“ the same way

‚You better come stronger than this liquor‘ is a MOOD

Plus, a new album and a mixtape are on the way!

HBO is finally telling us what the final season date, for real

In epsiode, viewers control the fate of a computer programmer who’s creating a video game based on a fantasy novel titled Bandersnatch.

Amidst the film’s successful awards season run, the comedian is releasing his latest stand-up special on Netflix and headlining four sold out shows at Madison Square Garden.

Chaos continues to reign in this exclusive sneak peek at the winter premiere of ‚The Good Doctor.‘

Meet some of the extraterrestrials joining the action-comedy franchise.

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