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The politically liberal Ms. Abrams will test just how much Georgia’s traditionally conservative politics are shifting and whether a black woman can win the governor’s office in the Deep South.

The bipartisan legislation will now head to President Trump, leaving fewer than 10 big banks subject to stricter post-crisis oversight.

The New York Times sat down with Philip Roth in 2011 to talk about his life and accomplishments.

North Korean denuclearization is off the table, at least in the short term. But there are other outcomes from the planned summit talks that President Trump might accept.

Prospects for Mr. Trump’s landmark meeting next month with Kim Jong-un of North Korea have suddenly grown a bit cloudy.

The moves are likely to change little for the auto industry, though Chinese factories and German firms could benefit from slashing tariffs on parts.

Texas is one of 14 states with a “negligent storage law,” which can make parents liable for crimes committed with their firearms by their children.

President Trump’s negotiating playbook is by now pretty obvious: Make big demands, thump your chest and claim victory. But some of his talk on China has a whiff of desperation.

Speaking out in a community like Marshall County, Ky., has come at a social cost, including frayed friendships and fights with parents.

Intelligence and law enforcement officials had said the information was highly delicate and that it was not appropriate to turn over unredacted material to Congress.

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