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Prime Minister Theresa May’s remarks were an unusually direct condemnation of a country that Britain has been loath to blame for previous attacks.

The Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea might be the best bet for a meeting between the American and the North Korean leader. But there are other options.

In a pair of tweets, President Trump cited “not much political support” now to move ahead with his pledges after the deadly mass school shooting in Florida.

President Trump is likely to present the proposal soon, despite risking swift rejection by the Palestinians and already having taken on another thorny dispute, with North Korea.

The president repeated some falsehoods and facts in need of context.

The president also intends to establish a federal commission to examine school safety proposals, but the administration’s efforts appeared to be piecemeal and of limited scope.

An adult film star who says she had an affair with President Trump will return $130,000 she got from Mr. Trump’s personal lawyer if doing so means she can speak freely, her lawyer said in a letter.

What one analyst called the president’s “extreme capriciousness” has left China looking like the more stable power in Asia.

How President Trump threw aside caution and agreed to meet with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un in a daring and risky diplomatic gambit to end a nuclear standoff.

If there is a Trump-Kim meeting, it will join a pantheon that includes Kennedy-Khruschev, Nixon-Mao, Bush-Putin and Obama-Castro. Some have been productive, some not.

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