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At least 77 lagoons in North Carolina have either released pig waste into the environment or are at imminent risk of doing so, according to state officials.

Kim Jong-un agreed to “permanently dismantle” key facilities in a bid to ease tensions with South Korea, but his offers did not meet U.S. demands.

Three moderates had been weighing a yes vote to confirm Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, while other Democrats hoped there would be few consequences for a no vote. The sexual assault allegation has changed calculations.

The accusations against the Supreme Court nominee are being assessed under different social and cultural conventions than when the episode allegedly occurred

President Trump’s pugilistic approach to China could rupture relations for years to come.

‚Honey‘ is coming so, so soon

Her new album is called ‚Norman Fucking Rockwell,‘ which sounds about right

The haunted house tale is the directorial debut of ‚Jodorowsky’s Dune‘ producer Travis Stevens.

This new batch of Walking Dead images from season 9 include some playful on set moments

Over the years, we’ve said goodbye to a number of VIPs from the Seattle section of the Shondaverse; some part in sweet sorrow, while others left a less satisfying taste in our mouths

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