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The streaming service scooped Netflix’s planned Fyre Festival documentary with a film featuring an exclusive interview with jailed organizer Billy McFarland.

Now there are four ‚Star Trek‘ TV shows in the works.

The film’s racial politics feel almost willfully retro, but the actors‘ charisma cuts through.

What happens when an outlaw lawman, an international spy, and a bad guy walk into a room?

The clip from Lindsay Lohan’s new reality series teases major drama when Brent throws a fit over hunky Aristotle washing a male guest’s feet.

There’s never been more TV, which means there’s never been more TV to talk about.

Untold stories from the set of Office Space. There’s no getting around it, America: We have made The Masked Singer a hit. The premiere of Fox’s latest…

The best-selling author heads in an exciting new direction with his new novel. Here, he chats about it for the first time, and shares its stunning cover.

The fourth annual event brought Broadway stars and fans together in New York City.

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