Author: Patrick Gallery

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After their meeting in Finland, the two presidents lauded the close cooperation between their two militaries in Syria, but the record is actually more mixed.

President Trump contradicted U.S. intelligence assessments that Russia meddled in the 2016 election, and President Vladimir V. Putin said he didn’t know that Mr. Trump was in Russia in 2013.

After years of cost-cutting and closures, fewer than half of the nation’s rural counties now have a hospital that offers any obstetric care, researchers say.

President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia got what he wanted most from his meeting with President Trump: American affirmation of his status as a global power.

In a Fox News interview, the Russian president said the hacked Democratic emails showed the truth — that the party leadership favored Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.

No Republican in Congress, however, pledged any particular action to punish President Trump, such as holding up his nominees, nor did they promise hearings or increased oversight.

Rather than defend America against those would threaten it, he attacked his own citizens and institutions while hailing the leader of a hostile pow

At the conclusion of what he called a “deeply productive” summit meeting, the American president offered his Russian counterpoint an extraordinary show of support.

Whether grand strategy or mere moment-to-moment impulse, President Trump’s brash treatment of European allies may do long-term damage.

The president’s re-election haul reflects a brisk fund-raising effort. Most of his predecessors, by contrast, did not kick off their campaigns until after the midterms.

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