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She’s coming for Mariah’s Christmas crown

The resignations, which came the morning after Prime Minister Theresa May appeared to have gained cabinet approval for a withdrawal plan, cast doubt on her leadership.

She also spilled some deets about her upcoming solo album

What’s with all the low-quality, false graphics on Twitter and Instagram?

Lizzie channels her inner Hope, and Lizzie achieves a teen milestone.

The bloody events at Connor and Oliver’s wedding come to light.

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 15, Episode 8 – Teddy tells Owen about the baby, Meredith gets a date, and Cece finally gets her organ transplant. Then everything goes to hell.

‚The Good Place‘ pays homage to ‚Lost‘ in its last episode before returning in December.

Dean (sort of) gives Jack the talk while they work a case in ‚Optimism.‘

The six part docuseries follows dogs all across the globe, including Syria, Italy and Costa Rica.

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