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We hope you enjoy the many additions and improvements we have recently made to this site and to the station. We would like to thank all our regular visitors for making WKIZ Kizz radio one of the world's most popular Soul RnB Stations. If this is your first time here then welcome! Kizz Radio is a resource designed by Soul music lovers for fans of Soul, R&B, Motown, Funk, Funk-Jazz, and Disco Dance music to enjoy.

Soul music was originally a fusion between black American Gospel music and Rhythm and Blues, the early exponents being black American singers such as Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, etc. This website charts the birth of Soul music in the late 1950's right through to the end of the Soul music era in the late 1980's when the genre "Soul" was replaced by the genre "R&B" for popular, predominantly black American music. The term "rhythm & blues" (r&b or rnb) had previously been used in the 1960's and prior to that to describe popular, predominantly black American music. There are many different types and styles of Soul music including Southern Soul, Deep Soul, Motown, Northern Soul, Sweet Soul, Disco Soul, Funk, House, Jazz-Funk Fusion, Modern Soul, Old School, Slow Jams, etc, etc. Our detailed Soul R&B charts list hundreds of songs from each year between 1960 and 2001, many of which you may well have missed at the time they were released.

You now have the opportunity to discover and rediscover thousands of previously hidden and forgotten soulful r&b music. Please bear in mind though that you should play your part in supporting the artists who made these wonderful records by purchasing their albums. As mentioned above, this is now the perfect place to listen to Soul music radio.
Only the very best Soul music is featured here! If you click a radio station name it will play in a popup window enabling you to browse the web with the station playing in the background.
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